Eldorado sold the River Pines subdivision to Steve and Peggy Downing in 2003.  Included with the property was a “water service commitment” from Verdi Springs Water Company. The owners of the Eldorado were also the majority owners of the small water utility and the Eldorado Manager and part owner that arranged the sale was also the president of the water company.

The Downings attempted to get water service for the subdivision in 2008.  After six months of complying with the requirements of  the water company, the water company informed the Downings that the original commitment for water service was just a commitment for water rights and not a commitment to provide water service.

The Downing filled for Bankruptcy protect under Chapter 11 in order to get the time they needed to work out the problem. Then after of year of trying to work out the problem with no result, the banks foreclosed on the 11 remaining lots.

Soon there after the Downings found out that the water company was a fraud.  The company had divested itself of water service in 1990 when it sold all of its water facilities to a new company. The Eldorado manager had cancelled the water service commitment. Which was 13 years earlier before he sold the subdivision to the Downings.


The first hole

Crystal peak featured bunkers that were real penalties... #1 green was 50 yards front to back.

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the water source

the subdivision was supposed to have the right to hook up to the verdi springs which is located 800’ south of #1 green.