History- The Subdivision

The friends that had bought the property were bought out by two of their partners.  The majority owners of the Eldorado, Raymond Poncia and Don Carano became the sole owners under their company P&C Verdi Land.

P&C submitted a subdivision application to Washoe County.  Part of the application was the 1982 “water service commitment” from Verdi Springs.  The primary condition for providing water was that the P&C provide the water company with a secondary source of water, a well.

The State Engineer reviewed the subdivision plans and required a second letter from the water company.  The water company provided the second “water service commitment” letter and the subdivision was approved.

water rights

the water company had hundreds of acre feet of truckee river water rights and water permits for the verdi spring

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“water service commtiment”

A public utility agreed to provide water service to River Pines.  but when the eldorado sold it that company was no longer a utilty