The Downings started building the roads and with the help of Love Golf Design built the Crystal Peak Golf Course.  The course opened in 2005 with limited play and the first lot at River Pines was sold. 

By the beginning of 2008 more lots had been sold and the golf course was starting to make a profit. The Downings decided to finish the subdivision infrastructure which required installing the domestic water mains.  Final road construction had been delayed to allow the City to build the Layton Verdi sewer interceptor.   When the water utility was contacted the first problem at Crystal Peak surfaced.  The utility refused to cooperate.  The Downings had to take their remaining lots off the market and eventually filled for bankruptcy protection.  That led to the second problem.  The Eldorado manager that had arranged for the sale claimed that he not the Downings owned half the golf course.


river view

the lots at river pines enjoy a great river view in the fall

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